Start Montage

We include a start montage in all our packages. If timings allow bridal preparations can be included as an extra and edited with the arrival of your guests. Bridal Prep is a great way to start your wedding film capturing all the excitement and preparations of the bride getting ready.


Gold and Platinum package are covered with two HD cameras and two videographers for your wedding service and speeches. On our Bronze and Silver Packages only one camera is used. The ceremony is edited and will include full audio from the service, we'll use wireless microphones where possible.

Photo Montage

The story continues with a photo montage. We will work with your photographer while they take your guest and family photographs. Edit the footage to music that you choose. The Photo montage is included in all packages from the silver package.

There is a lot going on while you’re busy getting ready for your ceremony or when you’re having your photographs taken. Our films allow you to experience a lot of the things you aren’t able to see on the day of the wedding.


The speeches are always something to look forward to, we'll capture the speeches with two cameras and two videographers. Your speeches are covered in both gold and platinum package.

Guest Messages

This is a great way for your guests to leave you a message. Family and friends, aunts or uncles are encouraged to leave a message for you both to enjoy in the future. You can add this to our platinum package.

Fist Dance

What a fantastic ending to a fantastic day. Ending the story is perfect with a first dance. Your wedding day will go so quickly and your not going to remember half of it. The first dance is included with some of our platinum packages.

There is nothing like seeing your Bride, or seeing your Groom for the first time on your wedding day. Whether you have a private first look, or if you make eye contact on opposite ends of a long aisle, being able to witness that moment again, or show your friends and family is beyond priceless.


The highlights is just a short film of your day edited to music you choose. It will tell the whole story of your wedding day in just a few minutes. Our Gold and Platinum package includes this highlights chapter as standard. We edit this part of your film in black and white but if you prefer this in colour just let us know.

Having a wedding video allows you to share your love and adventure of life with everyone. This is a tremendous thing that allows you to share one of the most amazing days in your life with people in a way you could never do before. Your children, grandchildren, new friends and family can experience your day as if they were there with you.

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